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Meet The UofM SNR Group 

2021 Version

Black Sky

SNR group--COVID-19 version

(and collaborators): Gilles Ferrand,  Benson Guest, Jennifer West, Harsha Kumar (Blumer),  Adam Rogers
Heather Matheson, Rebecca Danos,  Paul Edmon, Miranda Jackson, Ashish Asgekar, Alyssa Moldowan, Marjorie Gonzalez.......
plus many enthusiastic high-school students and undergraduates including Kelvin Au, Erica Franzmann, Yichen Zhan, Melissa Anderson. 

Visiting PhD students: Ping Zhou (Nanjing, China), Naomi Tsuji (Japan)

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For inquiries about job or training opportunities, please contact Prof. Safi-Harb using the Contact form.

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